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Top 10 Medical Universities in Pakistan

Certainly Education in medicine is the mother of schooling!
Medical field can be as challenging; it’s not because the hardness of material since it pushes the boundaries of your comfort zone.  

You get to know about the scientific description of medicine, as well as social aspects. Also, to learn about human beings is the high interest for everyone like you.

To be the doctor in Pakistan is not only simple with the top 10 Medical universities in Pakistan but is valuable all over the World.

The list of the top 10 universities according to HEC is as follows;

1.    Agha Khan Medical University Karachi

Agha Khan is a research university having many campuses within and outside Pakistan.

Both in Pakistan and abroad the university is training the physicians as they are creating benchmarks for the standard of care, finding innovative ways to solve public health issues and giving the policymakers the result based recommendations.

The university aims at;

•    Finding and spreading knowledge
•    Applying knowledge in the practical field
•    Highly independent internationally
•    Help developing Muslim societies
•    Introducing unique ways to the world

2.   University Of Health Sciences (Lahore)

It is a local public student-centered research university, founded in 2002. It is highly acceptable for its excellence and quality, therefore recognized internationally.

The university is offering different courses for undergraduate and postgraduate students. The courses include the pharmacy, medicine, allied health sciences, dentistry, nursing, and engineering.

With HEC affiliation and professional council authorization its focus on:

•    To bring qualitative and quantitative change
•    Bring development through research
•    Enhanced methods application

3.    Dow University of Health Sciences

Dow University of Health Sciences is one of  the best and oldest medical universities in Pakistan’s public sector.

Furthermore, the university has two main health sciences institutes of research, Dow International Medical College and Dow Medical College.

Institutes offer undergraduate, postgraduate and doctoral programs in all academic disciplines of medicine.

The university aims at;
•    Providing the latest improved knowledge
•    Keeping the system up to date
•    Addition of new techniques for learning

4.    Khyber Medical University

It is a famous public research institute, which offers many undergraduate, postgraduate medical and health sciences programs.
The campus established in January 2007, in KPK.

The University consists of many integral institutes and colleges.
It has launched multiple academic programs for progress in the field of medicine and education.

The university focuses on;
•    Resolving health issues
•    Providing best opportunities to students
•    Providing allowances to the faculty members
•    Improving the ranking among other universities   

5.    Isra University

It is a non-government university located in Sindh, Pakistan. The university provides an extraordinary academic environment in combination with societal values, self-respect, and devotion.

It is a non-profit organization, which offers programs in Allied Medical Sciences, Medicine, Dentistry, Engineering Sciences, and Allied Sciences, Commerce, Technology, Economics, Management, and Nursing.

The university aims at;
•    Well-established management systems
•    Well-planned scheme of studies
•    Higher quality services
•    Professional staff members

6.    King Edward Medical University

KE University being the part of the leading medical universities and is in  Lahore and established in 1860. The university connected the Mayo Hospital as an affiliated hospital in 1871.

The college affiliated with University of Punjab since 1887. The Lady Aitchison hospital is known as a 2nd teaching hospital.

It is an HEC recognized university ranked at 6th position. The university offer degrees in undergraduate, postgraduate, science and medical studies.

The university vision was;
•    Applying the knowledge in practical line
•    Exploring the advanced techniques
•    Well-researched learning tricks
•    Providing the facilities to students
•    Growing the university ranking

7.    Ziauddin University

It is a private medical, health and biomedical engineering university, which offers undergraduate and graduate programs.

The university and its faculty have taken innovative steps for the improvement of the health care system in Pakistan.

It is an HEC recognized degree-awarding university, which desires to provide the best education to their students.

The university focuses on;
•    Extending quality education
•    Discovering useful knowledge
•    Helping students dealing with their problems

8.    Liaquat University of Medical and Health Sciences

Liaquat Medical School and college, which later became as University in 1881 is working well today.

The university degree affiliates with HEC and well-known medical councils of Pakistan. It also provides opportunities for students to see the sights of reality.

 The university aims at;
•    High-quality education
•    Better ranking among other medical universities
•    Providing Medical and research-based education

9.    Gandhara University

Gandhara University established in 1995 October, by surgeon Muhammad Kabir. The university authorized by Pakistan Medical and Dental Council.

The degree recognizes with Higher Education Commission. It has different constituent colleges as well.

The main focal point of the university was;
•    Promoting academics
•    Providing excellent knowledge
•    Enhancing the standard education

10.    Baqai Medical University

Baqai Medical University is a well-known medical university, which has a history.
The university offer courses in Medicine, health management sciences, dentistry, veterinary science, and pharmaceutical sciences.

The university focuses on;
•    Providing higher-level education
•    Preferring society needs
•    Dealing with international standards
•    Developing a sense of social responsibility
•    Emerging the moral liability

Therefore, medical school is different from conventional studies concerning the technicality and the way it is applied.

Medical students get training to deal with tough situations and to handle people with care. In short, the role of the doctors or the physicians is diverse; they heal the patients and are the leaders at the same time.

They have innovative thoughts, are patriotic and caretakers too. These top-ranked medical universities are playing a significant role in enhancing the knowledge and skills of the students.

It will help them to become future professionals and serve the country along with society and the world in the best possible way.

 These top ten Medical universities in Pakistan work as a safeguard of the values of the medical profession.
•    Responsible for management of medical schools
•    protect the medical profession honestly
•    Good teaching staff
•    Healthy study environment

And much more

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