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Top 10 Government Universities Pakistan

Top 10 Government Universities Pakistan

Education seems to be the best means of a bright future. However, if you put right efforts today, your tomorrow will be more transparent!

Therefore, your career demands the right decision regarding higher education. You may be in search of the best government universities in Pakistan for success or a brighter future.

Investing for the knowledge gives you the best outcomes. As education is not just preparation for life but it is life itself.  
Here are the top 10 government universities in Pakistan and surely, you will get benefit from this sizeable informative platform.

1.    National University of Science & Technology
NUST University is a symbol of quality and brilliance. It has determined faculty, diligent students with an excellent support infrastructure. All of them provide an educational environment.

NUST University offers the best packages to staffs and students. In the line of the law, engineering, and doctoral education, the majority of services are available for students.
NUST University is famous for its;
•    Academic excellence
•    Well-known qualifications
•    Art labs and studios
•    Quality culture
•    Scholarships

2.    University of Punjab
The Punjab University is one of the top universities of Pakistan. It is located in Lahore city and has excellent research and academic excellence.

The Punjab University plays an important role in every field of education. A huge number of students are planning their future in every field with success. The university has 83 departments on the whole and 13 faculties.

With ten constituent colleges, the Punjab Institute ranked in the top to universities of Pakistan. Allowances for faculty members are a plus point. More than 1500 permanent faculty members are involved in teaching. 
The University of Punjab serves:
•    Pleasant environment
•    Quality degrees
•    Low tuition fees
•    Variety of academic activities

3.    COMSATS Institute of Information Technology
Earlier, the COMSATS University Islamabad was known as the COMSATS Institute of Information Technology. Luckily, the university has lots of campuses so that the majority of students can enroll in the field of education.

Raheel Qamar is known as the rector of COMSATS University. According to the latest report, the university has enrolled 35,452 students in various departments.
COMSATS is well known for;
•    Lots of graduate and undergraduate programs
•    Multi-affiliation with commissions and councils
•    Faculty & student union

4.    University of Engineering and Technology
University has highly trained and professional staff as compared to other Universities. Well, the university has a wide range of faculty members including 257 doctorates.

Moreover, the institute actively collaborates with the University of South Carolina and Queen Mary Networks. It offered well-balanced and researched study plans for all students.
The university aims at;
•    More research-based outline
•    Solutions to student queries
•    Higher ranking among other universities
•    Multi-disciplinary programs

5.    University of Management and Technology
UMT is offering a massive amount of programs related to every field of study. More than 125-degree programs for bachelor, master and doctoral are available.

The university offer programs in disciplines of IT, Banking and Finance, Accounting, Law, Engineering, Management, Social Sciences, and lots of others.

UMT is known for the best academic plans and grand scheme of studies. It helps the students to show their potential in their selected field. Over 6000 non-teaching and supporting staff is also involved.
UMT focuses on;
•    Financial assistance to students
•    Scholarships
•    Student affairs
•    Enhanced Computer Network

6.    The National University of Computer and Emerging Science
Commonly it is known as FAST a non-profit private University in Pakistan. It has five campuses located in different cities.
The FAST University was the first university with multi-campuses. With more campuses, it has a variety of programs for students. The FAST University is with HEC and Pakistan Engineering.

Students allowed to get more exposure to related disciplines such as engineering, Law, Accounting and lots more. For research, over 45,000 campus students enrolled every time. 
FAST centers on;
•    Student services
•    Emerging faculty departments
•    Modern classrooms
•    Research-based plans

7.    Suleman Dawood School of Business
The first school made especially for Business was the Suleman Dawood School. With a collaboration of Harvard Business School, the curriculum becomes more appealing.

A vast range of business courses for business students on a reasonable fee schedule is simple with it. The institute has well-trained staff members.
The institute focuses on;
•    Full-time MBA
•    Weekend Executive MBA
•    Bachelor’s programs  
•    Ph.D. Management
•    Higher study plans

8.    Mushtaq Ahmad Gurmani School of Humanities & Social Sciences
The university deals with Social sciences and department of economics. It also allows the students to experience best services concerning different programs.
It has significant subject areas which cover the minor fields following other disciplines. However, its head is Kamran Asdar Ali.
University aims at;
•    Multi-disciplinary courses
•    High-quality learning facilities
•    Quick solutions to the student problems

9.    Abdul Wali Khan University Mardan
It has historical importance by the government of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa. The university has civilized traditions according to the region. The University is also devoted to learning and scholarships for students. For the right foundation, the university focuses on dazzling culture by gathering together the intellectual sources.
University aims at;
•    Inculcate quality education
•    Affordable for most students
•    Uplifting the scientific, and socio-cultural learning
•    Higher research and education
•    Sophisticated environment

10.    International Islamic University Islamabad
Mainly, Islamic University aims to generate well-trained scholars and practitioners. The ground bases were Islamic teachings with scientific knowledge and applications.
Principals and norms of Islam were the ideal values for the university to grow more and more.

•    Multi-disciplines
•    Addition of new faculty members
•    Addition of new departments
•    Improved Ranking

The primary purpose behind this piece of writing was to inform people about the value of government universities in Pakistan. Also, keep in mind that government universities are valued across the globe and allow you to make a bright future.
The Top Ten Government Universities In Pakistan produce non-biased and non-influence able metrics. It is because these institutes are licensed and officially recognized with HEC.

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